Thursday, December 29, 2011


The computer that I'm using in the office is a three-year old desktop.  When you click the above picture, you will notice some specifications of the said computer.  It's an ancient desktop so in order to optimize the performance of the desktop, I search the net on how to optimize a bit the computer system and I found the Ccleaner, one of the programs from Piriform.

Friday, December 23, 2011

My First Donation

Yesterday, I deposited an amount of cash to a local bank not for myself but for donation.  One of my friends decided to donate boxes of bottled water to one of the local TV station's Foundation to help the victims in the recent typhoon Sendong occurred last week in the southern part of our country.  She said that there's scarcity in drinking water in the said region.  So, me and my circle of friends deposited some amount to her savings account and told her that the said money was deposited.  She also received deposits from our circle of friends.  Today, she texted us that she donated 10 boxes of bottled water to the Foundation.

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