Friday, December 23, 2011

My First Donation

Yesterday, I deposited an amount of cash to a local bank not for myself but for donation.  One of my friends decided to donate boxes of bottled water to one of the local TV station's Foundation to help the victims in the recent typhoon Sendong occurred last week in the southern part of our country.  She said that there's scarcity in drinking water in the said region.  So, me and my circle of friends deposited some amount to her savings account and told her that the said money was deposited.  She also received deposits from our circle of friends.  Today, she texted us that she donated 10 boxes of bottled water to the Foundation.

This holiday season I felt blessed maybe because I received my 13th month bonus and I also received blessings from Him and telling me to help others.  In this way, I hope that it will ease the agony and pain of the victims.  As for myself, I included the victims in my prayer to give them from the Lord's grace, the hope that they need and also resting in peace for the dead people especially the innocent babies and children.  

This is actually my first time donating a huge amount (to me) and I think this is just the beginning.  It is really true that when you received blessings you will share it to others.  To my fellow Filipinos, I know you are very busy preparing foods and decorations for the holiday seasons, but I hope that you also include the victims in your prayer, it will be enough to help them.  


  1. hi there virgo...i linked you to my blog already sa blog ko po.

    may tanong lang ako sayo. paano mo napapalabas yung mga pop-ups mo pagkatapos magclick sa mga buttons mo? gusto ko po kasi improve site ko.

    please message me back sa site ko po.


  2. clicksor ba yun? whenever you click a button or a link sa blog mo, may nagpa-pop-up.

  3. Very noble thing to help the victims...

  4. Great blog entry, congrats my dear friend, Interesting topics 'm excited.

  5. Hi, Friend! Thanks for visiting!
    And now let's go to new horizons ... 2012, welcome!
    Warm regards!


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