Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An easy way to report an abusive Taxi drivers

Are you a victim of an abusive taxi driver?  Would you like to report the incident to the authority?  Just like you, I'm also a victim of an abusive taxi driver when I got home from Davao (you may read the story here).  And I found out another tool to report the said abusive taxi driver.
If you have an internet connection and you recently had a bad experience with an abusive driver there is a way to report the incident.  You may go to  This site is still in beta and it's only available in the Philippines.

In the site, there's a form that you need to fill-up, plate number, violation (there is a list of generated violations, you just choose from the drop down button), taxi name and comments.  The reports will be aggregated and on the end of the day, the site will send an email with all the details from the complainants to concerned authorities at MMDA and LTFRB.

There is also a way to report an abusive taxi driver by SMS but I don't know the details.  I'll update this post once I know how to send a report via SMS.


  1. Sana lang na-a-action-an nila ang mga complaints.

  2. Yun ang malaking tanong don. All we can do is hope and pray na mabigyang action yung mga complaint.

  3. wow. this is a great way to get back at those abusive drivers. Like KM i really wish that it does work..


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