Friday, May 4, 2012

Hyundai Run For A Cause 2012

Last Sunday, April 29, Hyundai Asia Resource Inc (HARI) conducted their free fun run, the Hyundai Run For A Cause at Quirino Grandstand in Luneta.  This is my second year attending the fun run by HARI.  The first one was last year at the same place.  The event offered 5km and 10km distances.  I ran 5km for the first year and decided to run the 10km distance this year.

Unlike last year where HARI only supports Haribon Foundation, they decided to support eight categories.  They are Education (red), Community Development (orange), Filipino Heritage and Pride (yellow), Environmental Sustainability (green), Road Safety & Responsible Car Ownership (blue), Youth Development Through Sports (purple), Women and Children's Health (pink) and Social Entrepreneurship (gray).

You join by selecting the category that you'll support and the color of the singlet vary to the category you supported.  The registration is free and you'll get a free singlet with bib.  Below is the singlet I got.
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The 10km distance has three waves while the 5km distance has 4 waves.  I'm included in the first wave of 10k runners because my bib has letter A on it which means I belonged to group A.  The gun start was late because of the hosts.  Below is the race map.
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The water stations were placed near the u-turn of 5km and 10km distances.  Instead of cups, they gave us bottled water like last year so you won't see cups scattered instead you were opt to bring the bottled water as you run and placed it in a trash bag when its empty.  Street people also help cleaning the empty bottled water because it gave them a little income.  At the 10K u-turn there's a fire truck that sprinkled water so every runner will get somehow refresh during the run.  There's also a fire truck at the finish line.

HARI also promoted their line of cars by showing models from Eon to its Genesis coupe. I got a glimpse of its Genesis coupe together with Elantra and Accent model.

I also met one of my fellow bloggers Light (aka Balut).

The most disappointed thing happened in this event was claiming the baggage.  Right after I finished the race, I went to the baggage counter.  At first I fell in line but I noticed that there were many people at the front who were not in line.  The people at the front are impatient that they don't fell in line.  I don't know the reason but the baggage staff didn't manage the crowd to fall in line properly.  Claiming the baggage was a disaster.

It took me almost an hour just to take my bag.  I didn't even know that there's a program in the the Grand Stand because we were so busy trying to get our bags.  Overall, the event was good but I do hope that the claiming of baggage next year won't be like this.  I enjoyed the run but not after-the-run event.  I definitely will go next year but I'll minimize my baggage. 

By the way, just want you to know my time in 10k run was 1 hour and 7 mins (unofficial time).  My goal is to finish a 10k distance under 50 minutes so I will keep on training to meet my goal. Happy reading!


  1. hmmn the runner in yellow singlet in the photo with you looks familiar :P

  2. I was supposed to join this run too pero di ako naka-abot sa registration :(

    Btw, followed your blog through GFC. Hope you could follow mine as well.


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