Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trip to Davao: Day 1 Part 2

After work, I went to my hotel and get myself ready for some trip.  The hotel that I stayed in is called Tower Inn.  I will stay there until Friday.  The room that I taken is single deluxe with a fee of Php850.
In front of Tower Inn

After I prepared my things in the room, I went outside for a walk and went to People's Park.
The park is in oval shape and there are 33 sites/places you can go to.  The park had a track where you can jog or run around.  Upon my visit there I encountered people jogging around the oval.  At the center of the park, it had trees aligned with benches under.
 There were also different statues around the park.  The statues represent some native works in Davao.

The park also had these backgrounds wherein you will put your head on the provided holes.

The park will not be complete if there are no playground for children.

A dome is also present inside the park.  It houses some paintings created by some artists in Davao.

The park had so many places to explore but unable to do so because it's dark.  I'll visit the park again in daylight.

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