Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Multisport-Iberet Running Class: The Last Leg

The last leg of free running class from MultiSport-Iberet.  The free class was held last October 16, 2011 at Glorietta Activity Center.  We took the 4-6pm class.  The instructor for the free class was coach Ani de Leon-Brown. She was the first Filipina Ironman Kona, Hawaii qualifier.  You can follow coach Ani on her blog here.

Coach Ani de Leon-Brown

Coach Ani was pregnant by the time she lectured us.  We attended the 4-6pm class.  Coach Ani was eager to demonstrate us by due to being pregnant so she asked the model to demonstrate some of the proper ways in running.

Below were some of the topic discussed by coach Ani:

Run Technique
  • Head Position
    • Look straight ahead, neither up nor down.  
    • Head should be relaxed, eyes on the course about 10 feet ahead. 
  •  Body Angle
    • Run tall.  Imagine a plumb line from the top of the head to your feet.
    • Plumb lines follow the pull of gravity perpendicular to the ground, and so should your body

  • Arm Action
    • Relaxed, 90-degree angle
    • Swing should be like a pendulum from the shoulders, elbows down the arch extending from chest high to the seam of your shorts.
    • The upper body should not twist from side to side.
  •  Hands
    • Keep your hands relaxed and your wrists loose.
    • Cup your hands and touch the thumb to the forefinger.
  • Knee action
    • Lead with your knee, not with your foot.
  • Foot-plant
    • Initial impact:  Land on the lower part of the ball of the foot
    • Heel down
    • Push off the ball of the foot to toes
  • Breathing
    • The slower your breathing cycle, the lower your heart rate
  • Relaxation
    • Avoid unnecessary use of energy through tension and stress originating from the face, hands or arms.
    • Save your energy for running with a relaxed, efficient form.
    • Smile!
  •  Stride length
    • Don't over-stride, this is the cardinal sin of running.  
    • Avoid reaching the next stride.
    • Run tall with a low forward knee lift.
  •  Stride rate
    • Fast feet
    • Aim for 90 strides per minute
 Running Drills:
  • High knees
  • Butt kicks
  • Lateral runs
  • Skipping
  • Bounding
  • Running barefoot strides
After the discussion, the participants were allowed to ask question about running and coach Ani answered them promptly.  Afterwards, a manager of Iberet endorsed their product by giving us listeners the advantages of taking their multivitamins.

 After the first sponsor presentation, MultiSport gave away some freebies for unsubscribed participants.  Next is the presentation of Adidas eyewear by playing a video.  After the presentation of sponsors, they gave away again freebies but this time for subscribed participants.


 Just like the previous classes, I learned a lot.  It seems every coach had different approach but they were fundamentally the same.  It's up to us on how we incorporate those lessons to our routine or training.  The best thing is we learned something new from the free class.  I will attend the last free swimming class of MultiSport on November 12 so stay tuned.


  1. how interesting. Really. Will pass this around to my friends who are interested in running. :)

  2. Thanks! If you like you can read my previous posts about running here


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