Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manila Auto Salon 2011

I went to the last day of Manila Auto Salon 2011.  The said exhibit was located at SMX Convention in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay.  It's my first time to go to an auto exhibit but I do know that there will be models and babes here besides from cars, hehe.  Before you can enter the hall, you have to pay an entrance fee which is Php80 (more or less $2).  Beside the entrance, there's a display of cars models and most of them are sports car.

The Manila Auto Salon as far as I know is an exhibit for car accessories and customization.  It features automotive products like oil, tires, mufflers etc.  Top car modifiers, tuners and restorer in the country are also present in the said exhibit. 

Once I entered the hall, I was greeted by a truck with big wheels, which is a modified Toyota pick-up.  A kind of vehicle that you can use in a flooded area.  There are at least three cars with big tires.  And to my left side I saw a beautiful a Porsche car.  It's a GT3RS model.  And beside it is a rare car for me, a Lamborghini.  It was my first time seeing a Lamborghini in the flesh so it gave me a smile seeing one, hehe. Oh another sports car that I saw for the first time was a Ferrari car.

I walked around the hall and saw cars that I don't normally see in highways like the Ford Mustang.  Modified SUV with big tires are also present.  Cool restored old cars showed also in the exhibit.  And I must say, it gives a nice look.
Customizations of cars are everywhere in the exhibit.  There's customized paint, audio system and engines to name a few. 

Of course, a car exhibit will be lonely if there are no babes and models present.  I am one of the lucky men to see these ladies.  Below are my top picks:

If you want some more you can go here.  Or click the gallery tab above.  And that's about my visit to Manila Auto Salon 2011.  I definitely visit the next year's show.  Hopefully there will be motorcycle exhibit event.  Enjoy reading.

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