Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nike Free Run 2.0

I recently purchased a Nike Free Run 2.0 from the same person whom I bought the Kobe VII Year of the Dragon.  I bought it for PHP1300 (approximately US$31.16) and at that time there's a free shipping promo.  The reason I bought a new pair of shoes is because a runner should have at least two pairs of running shoes that he/she can use alternately.  I already retired two pairs of running shoes (I used the latest retired shoes as my casual shoes).  If you are hook in running I definitely recommend buying two pairs of shoes even if its not expensive.  A good running shoes should give ample amount of support and comfort.


  1. yey nice shoes and great advise! I've the women's version of your shoes in purple color :)
    I've 5 pairs of running shoes and 5 pairs of walking shoes (sneakers) ha ha. seven pairs are of this brand lolz.

    you're gonna have the break in to 36th Milo run right?

    1. I already break-in the shoes during my distance run training, hehe. I don't want to have a sore feet after the milo fun run. (",)

  2. I need shoes as well. But Nike shoes are quite expensive and I can't afford to set aside a budget for it as of the moment. For a 1300Php? That's definitely a good deal! Considering it's NIKE.

    I need two shoes that I can use alternately.

    And PS: Hahahaha on the very subtle advertisement on the box!

    - EK Encarnacion of Every-Comedy-Thing

  3. I really like that shoes,,,verry comfortable,,,,nice to meet you


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