Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leg 3 (Running): Iberet Active Multisport 101 Camp

Last July 7, I attended the afternoon class of  Multisport Iberet running clinic held at Bonifacio Hight Street activity area.  The instructor of the running class was no other than coach Jojo Macalintal.  There were  sponsors' booth present in the clinic like Asics, L-Timestudio and Iberet.  Like before, you register first in the registration booth and then have the stamp card stamped by the sponsors' booth.  Once done, head back to the registration booth to drop your stamp card for the raffle.  There's also a photo booth by Baicapture wherein you can take photo of yourself with the magazine and have a printed copy right away.  Also, since I'm  one of the early registrant, I got the chance to have another singlet from Multisport for free.  To get the picture of the singlet you may go here.  The weather on that day was cloudy and I saw a dark clouds at a distance but fortunately, it doesn't rain during the activity.  There's also a baggage counter so every participant can leave their baggage safely during the running clinic.

Like before, coach Jojo taught us dynamic stretching, drills, workout and static stretching.  He emphasized that static stretching before any activity will give signal to the muscles to relax which is counter-productive.  That's why he told to use dynamic stretching to warm-up our body before going to any activity.

Dynamic stretching. Image credit to MultiSport Philippines
Drills using speed ladder.  Image credit to MultiSport Philippines
Workout. Image credit to MultiSport Philippines
After the workout, coach Jojo taught us the proper way of breathing while running which is you count to four and each count will correspond to your one foot.  From one-two-three you breathe and on four you exhale.  Its difficult at first especially when you simultaneous your foot and your count but you can master it eventually if you practice it consistently.  We were then allowed to run around the block of the activity center.  

Start of the run. Image credit to MultiSport Philippines
Static stretching. Image credit to MultiSport Philippines
After the static stretching, the participants get their free snacks and get the chance to get picture with coach Jojo.  The L-Timestudio booth have a giveaway items to the participants.  The participant picked a rolled paper in the fishing bowl and got the item according to the description.  The freebies were sling bag, stickers, etc.  Yours truly only got stickers.  

The raffle time has come.  MultiSport first gave their minor prizes and yours truly got one of them.  They were one box of vitamin C from Iberet, a Coppertone Anti-aging face cream and a booklet published by MultiSport Philippines.  

Yours truly manage to won one of the minor prizes.  Image credit to MultiSport Philippines

Once again, I enjoyed the running clinic and learned a lot from coach Jojo.  Good job MultiSport Philippines and hope you will have another running clinic.

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