Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lucban Escapade 2012: Part 2

The next part of our escapade, we went to Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel.  The place offers not only swimming pools but recreational areas as well.  Here's some exerpt from their site:
Situated at the foot of Mount Banahaw, Batis Aramin is among the reasons you would want to go to Lucban, Quezon—home of the world famous Pahiyas Festival and Longganisang Lucban. Batis Aramin is right across the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Church and Vio Dolorosa Grotto. Hectares of lush resort right at the foot of Mount Banahaw, Batis Aramin is a nature park spot for boating, swimming, camping, biking, trailing and so much more. Visit us and experience why Lucban, Quezon is the summer capital of Quezon.-
Now's the introduction is over, here's our story.

There's an entrance fee of 100 peso per adult in day tour.  Afterwards we went to accommodation lounge wherein we inquire some information about the resort.  Before we dive in to the swimming pool, we first walk around the area for sight-seeing. 
The batis in Aramin
It's me, hehe
After the sight-viewing, we look for an available cottage for 7 people and we found one n.  The cottage is simple and only cost Php400.  There are five swimming pools available (I think) and one of them has 6 feet deep (definitely not for children).  The cottage we chose is near the two-in-one swimming pools with slide in each pool.  These deepest part of these swimming pool is four feet so it's suited for children accompanied with their parents of course.  Below are the pictures of the swimming pools.
The nearest swimming pool to our cottage
The swimming pool with six feet deep

When we finally got tired of swimming, we decided to try the adventure package offered by Batis Aramin.  The package includes wall climb, zip-line, rappel, rope course and bike trail for only Php250 per person.  Unfortunately, at that time, there's a college conducting their field trip so we weren't able to try it.
Students listening to the instructor
Since we didn't take the adventure package we then go the next destination which is the Via Dolorosa Grotto.  Our next adventure in the next post. Stay tuned.  To know more about Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel, you may go to their website here.

Update: The part 3 is live

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