Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lucban Escapade 2012: Part 3

The third installment of our escapade.  You have a clue on our next stop by seeing the picture above.  But I bet you don't know the place.  Am I right?  I'll give you a clue, it's in Lucban, in front of Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel.  Still don't know? Well just click the read more to find out.

After the swimming session in Batis Aramin, we then went to Via Dolorosa Grotto, a shrine and grotto wherein you can see a Christ monument at the top of a hill.  You have to walk hundreds of steps before you can reach the top.
There's the monument
Before we go to the Christ monument we go first to Garden of Eden because that's the entrance to Grotto.  Once entered, we saw a replica of Noah's Ark that served as a restaurant (I think). There's also a pond where Koi fishes resided.  You'll notice coins in the water because I think they believed in having a good luck when throwing coins in the pond.  At that time, there's a man collecting the coins in the pond.  There's also statues of Adam and Eve, the first human couple walked on Earth.
Koi with coins :D

Then we went to the grotto but we were stopped by the guard because Catherine (Argelito's girlfriend) wear mini-shorts (I don't know if its the right term) so Argelito and Catherine went back to their car to wear something else and the rest of us ate some snacks while waiting for them.  And so, the climbing up the hill begins.  There are railings on the stairs to separate the people going up and going down.   Upon climbing the stairs, you'll see statue of Virgin Mary and a sculpture of the Last Supper.  When we reached the top, we saw the Christ statue and it's bigger than I thought.  We prayed for a while, enjoyed the view on the top and took some pictures.

After taking time on the top, we then decided to go down and go the town to buy some souvenirs.  There are souvenirs shops at the ground of the grotto.  I bought a straw hats for my parents and a purse for my significant other.   The couple David and Ruth also bought souvenirs.  Once done, we now went to the town to buy souvenir foods.  But that's for the final post of this escapade so stay tuned.

Update: You can now check the final part here.


  1. Thanks for sharing informations on this site

  2. dream kong puntahan tong place na eto. puro sa pics ko lang sya nakikita :)

    ngapala, ni-share kita sa sundae ko :)

  3. Parekoy san banda 2 ganda ha eheh


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