Friday, February 10, 2012

Lucban Escapade 2012: Part 1

Do you see that picture above?  That's our ride! Yeah! That's what I wished when I took a picture of them inside my friend's car. Hehe :D.  Last Saturday, February 4, my college friends decided to go to Lucban, Quezon to escape the suffocating atmosphere of Manila.  So without further ado here's the part 1 of our adventure.

The other reason why we suddenly went out-of-town is because my friend Argelito celebrated his birthday last Sunday so it's a birthday blow-out (that's what I think).  Before we go to Lucban, we (me, Momo and Bossing) went to his house Friday night and to our surprise the birthday boy is not there.  His excuse?  He's still in his girlfriend's house and decided to stay there until Saturday morning. So what we did was bought six bottles of Tanduay Ice and a whole chicken for pulutan.  Fast forward to 5am Saturday morning Argelito together with his girlfriend (Catherine), another couple friend of ours (David and Ruth) came.  We started our journey past 6am.  Argelito had his own car and the couples rode there while me and Bossing rode in Momo's car. 

Instead of going to South Luzon Express Way (SLEX) to Lucban, Quezon, Momo and Argelito decided to use the National Highway led by Argelito.  The road is placed in mountains so everywhere you look there's nothing but forest, mountains, few houses, zigzag roads, up and down roads and even lakes (ah mother nature, but I slept in the first part of the trip, hehe).  The supposedly three-hour trip turns to four hours because our tour guide the birthday boy accidentally chose a wrong road.  Bossing having an Iphone 4 used its GPS to turn us back in the right road.  We reached Lucban at around 10am.

When I saw Lucban, I thought of Marikina.  It had small roads, just one lane for each direction.  But the place is neat, no litters.  We stopped by to a near restaurant named Buddy's to eat our breakfast.
Waiting number from Buddy's
Lucban Hab-Hab with rice (",)
Afterwards, we went to Church of Lucban.  The church is very old as you can see some plants growing on the stones used to build the church. Below are some of the pictures I took. 
Click this picture to know how old is the church.
After the church, we decided to go to Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel but that story will be in part 2 so stay tuned.

Update: You can now check the part 2 here.


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