Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Church Visit on Holy Week 2012: Part 2

Here's the second part of our church visit during Holy Thursday.

8.  St. Pio Chapel - Libis
The picture you see above is the last station in St. Pio chapel.  We were supposed to visit the 8th station only but the majority decided to  visit every station in this chapel.  The interesting part of this visit is that every visitor who'll visit the stations will have to carry a wooden cross.  The size of the cross will vary to the body-size of the one who will carry it.  Also, slippers were not allowed so they will enter the station bare footed.

9.  St. Claire Church - Katipunan, Cubao

10. Archdiocesan of the Shrine of Divine Jesus - Mandaluyong

11.  San Felipe Neri Parish - Mandaluyong

12.  Our Lady of Abandon Church - Sta. Ana, Manila

13.  San Fernando de Dilao Parish - Paco, Manila
The church also gave free fish-shape bread.

We went to Paco Park but unfortunately it's closed so we have to go to another church.

14.  San Vicente de Paul Parish - Adamson University, Manila

And that's our tour last Holy Thursday for the church visit.  Next year will be different churches in a different places.  Happy blogging!

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  1. St. Pio Chapel - Libis . super nice po dito...
    And also St.Peter Parish Church sa commonwealth.
    Good Job!


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