Sunday, January 8, 2012

Defrag your Windows computer

I said before that the desktop I'm using in our office is an ancient computer running on Windows XP.   I would like to optimize the desktop a little bit by running a defragment software.    For the few defragment softwares that I used there's one that I'm still using.  And that is Smart Defrag.  And why am I still using it?  You'll find more after the break.

Like any other defragment software, Smart Defrag can analyze and recommend if you need to defrag the hard drive or not.  Once the software analyzed the hard drive/s, it will give a report with 'Summary', 'Recommendation', and 'Fragmented files and directories' of the highlighted hard drive.  The software also has Boot Time Defrag, Automatic Defrag, and State tabs.

Report Tab

Boot Time Defrag Tab

Automatic Defrag Tab
State Tab
The feature that I like about this freeware is the Scheduled Defrag.  From the name itself, it will defrag the computer in a scheduled time.  You can schedule the defrag everyday, every week or every month with a preset time.  This is the only defrag tool that has this kind of feature that I used.  In the office, we just lock the computer and turn off the monitor so this tool is really helpful to optimize my computer.  

I also used this freeware in my personal laptop running Windows 7 but I just run it every 2 weeks.  So if you want to try this tool feel free to download it from here.  Cheer yoh.


  1. is it better than Microsoft's defragmenter?

  2. I don't actually use the MS defragmenter but I checked the defragment tool on windows 7 and it does have a schedule to defrag. Another feature of this tool is you can degrag files that can only defrag during boot time.

  3. thank you for everything... always here daily supporting your site..

  4. thanks for this information, Sir


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