Monday, January 23, 2012

And It's Up!

Hello! As the start of the Chinese New year, I decided to let you my fellow bloggers and readers know that my new blog is now open for viewing.  The blog's name is Virgo's Gadgetry.  As the name suggests, the blog focus on technology, gadgets and softwares.  Another technology blog in the world wild web but hey this is my interest so I want to create one.  There are only two posts for now but as time goes by it will have many posts that I hope you will find interesting.  Please check my new blog by clicking the picture above or go here.  Thanks.


  1. Hi! Congrats for your new baby in the blogosphere! :)

    1. Salamat ate Krizza :) Sana suportahan mo rin :D

  2. na plug kita sa blog ko haha

  3. congrats on your new blog bro! was here to support you :)

  4. parekoy, musta? may award pala ako sayo. claim mo na lang sa latest post ko.

  5. oi, congrats...mataas ang nagiging traffic ng gadgets blog. hoping you the best. :)

  6. plug u again sa blog ko. see u around


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